A heart, scraped out from the ice built up on a car window. Taken from inside the car.


We play a lot of board games in our house. This is one of our newer ones “High Score” in which you have a card which tells you the win conditions, the play mode and what the joker die face does.


This is my laptop sticker collection, plus a few knick-knaks I’ve picked up over the years. The top shelf has my AWS laptop case (the laptop itself was shipped back when I left AWS, naturally). My favourite sticker here is my AWS Summit London sticker in the bottom right corner. I was really excited to… Continue reading 2024-01-04


En-route somewhere, we stopped at “Bygone Times” in Preston which has a collection of stalls selling all-sorts, from old books, toys and games, through knick-knacks and with all sorts of furniture knocking around as well. There are also stalls selling work from local artists, and this is one of those pieces. The website in the… Continue reading 2024-01-03


Today I fired up my old PS3 and spun up Singstar. Pre-kids we spent a small fortune on add-on tracks for this, and… While we can keep the old PS3 running, we get to keep playing… And now my kids get to join in too!


Welcome back to 2024! It’s been 3 years since I tried to do this. I’m not necessarily going to get every day in here, but I want to give it a try where I can! This year we spent New Year’s Eve at Gulliver’s World Theme Park in Warrington. This was the cabin we stayed… Continue reading 2024-01-01